Startup Financial Projections Calculator

Market Size

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Total Available Market - The total number of potential customers that might want your product. [Ex. Everyone with an internet connection is in the TAM for BookFace, a new social network.]
Servicable Available Market - The subset of the TAM that is within your ability to reach. [Ex. The SAM for BookFace would exclude contries where that site is banned.]
Servicable Obtainable Market - The subset of the SAM that your company can get. [Ex. How many people can BookFace actually get to sign up with all of its competition.]

Customer Information

Customer Aquisition Cost - How much does getting one customer cost. [Ex. ]
Lifetime Value of a Customer - How much do you make from your average customer during the entire time they are a customer. [Ex. ]
Lifetime of a Customer - How long will your customer be a customer? [Ex. ]

What is your Revenue Model?

   SAAS/Subscription Product

How much revenue does one subscription or license generate per month? [Ex. ]
How many subscriptions or licenses will your average customer buy? [Ex. ]
How much does each subscription or license cost your company per month? [Ex. ]

Customer Projections (Year 1)

Expenses (per month)

How much are you spending in salaries for employees? [Ex. ]
How much are you spending on contract work? [Ex. ]
How much are you spending on office, retail, or physical storage space? [Ex. Rent, parking, utilities...]
How much are you spending on sites and hosting? [Ex. Domain registrations, server space, web hosting, app licenses...]
How much are you spending on coffee, cookies and coconut water? [Ex. ]